Top 2013 & 2014 Australian Work From Home Ideas

Busy but looking to earn some extra income?

Struggling to see the value in working only to pay most of what you earn in childcare fees?

Tired of working for a boss and having to fit your life around your work roster?

If so, you are like hundreds of thousands of Australians out there that are looking around at work from home ideas as an option for earning extra money from home, on your terms.

work from home ideasTo help you along the way, we have listed 8 of the hottest ways to make extra income on your own terms through a mini home based business or working for yourself from home.

We hope you find some inspiration!

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House Cleaning:
Not the most glamorous of jobs, but one that can earn some income during the day non-the-less. If you are someone that enjoys keeping things neat and tidy and can clean efficiently, then at anywhere from $15-$20 per hour and with the ability to work around family commitments, cleaning has some merits.

Ironing Service:
People are busier than every today and for that reason struggle to keep up with their house duties. One way that you can make some nice income is to offer a home based ironing service. The beauty about this is that you can work on your own terms. Even with a 24 hour turn-around from when you pick up the ironing (or have it dropped off) to completion, being able to fit in your hour or two of ironing over a 24 hour period is often seen as a better alternative on having to work to a boss’s set roster.

Online Surveys:
This is a popular way to make extra money and if you like providing opinions, then this could be ideal. There are many online survey companies operating in Australia and abroad and you will make money each time you complete surveys. For ticking a few boxes and providing some feedback to big brands through your responses, this is a fairly easy-going way to pick up some extra cash.

Network Marketing:
Often referred to as MLM or Direct Sales, there are hundreds of home business opportunities available in the Australian MLM industry. We dedicated an article to this topic here and given that it is the sector of working from home that attracts the most Australian’s into, it is worthwhile investigating the options out there. You can get started with your own home business in essentially any industry you choose from online, to party plan, dealing with nutrition and wellness, essential services, cosmetics, the travel industry and more.

Offering Services:
If you enjoy keeping fit and healthy, then you could consider getting qualified to be a personal trainer. Perhaps you would like to make a small amount of money each week by doing a handful of massages as a massage therapist? Maybe you could offer accounting or book-keeping services. The list goes on, and if you have either a passion that you can study to gain accreditation in, or some existing skills, then offering your time and expertise in exchange for income is a great way to go.

If you have a passion for a particular hobby and some skills at your disposal, why not turn your skills or knowledge into a part-time business form home? You could teach music or singing classes, consult for small businesses, become a tutor or much more.

Franchise Owner:
Although there is a perception that buying a franchise requires lots of upfront investment and paying ongoing costs, there are a number of smaller home-based franchises out there that are perfect for people looking for a complete support system that a franchise provides, but not all of the hassles of a full-blown small business. Many small franchise businesses cost less than $10,000 to get started with minimal ongoing expenses.

Virtual Assistant:
As a virtual assistant you are essentially offering the ability for business owners to out-source some of the day-to-day activities that these business owners do not have the time to accomplish. Quite often a business owner or entrepreneur will have a certain skill set or expertise that brings in the most money, so they will offload general tasks to other people in order to maximize the time they have available to carry out their main money-making skills.

Work as a virtual assistant could include anything from typing and transcribing, to social media, website design and maintenance, accounting and more.

There are certainly many choices out there for Australians. The key to success is just researching the best options for you and then making a commitment to yourself and your family that you are going to make your work from home venture a success!