Best Work From Home Jobs For Australian Mums

Leaving the workforce to become a mother is a hard choice and it is even harder to place your infant in childcare and head back to the workforce. This is why many Australian mums are turning to work from home jobs to support them through the years that their children are at home. There are even some mothers who end up making more with their home business than they ever did from their regular job!

However, it is important to find the correct type of online job as more and more mums are falling prey to online money making scams. I want to share some of the best work from home jobs that Aussie mothers can do without any extra training.
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Create a product (and sell it)
Many mums get creative with their newborn and develop products that would be useful for other mums. For example, a mother in the United Kingdom learnt that her son slept better with the vacuum cleaner on so she created the white noise machine that has been used by countless other mums to sooth their crying babies to sleep.

The product doesn’t have to be directly related to your child though. Some mothers use the time to create craft or artwork that can be sold at the local markets or via online sales channels such as Etsy or eBay. Although this type of business has the potential of growing quite large most never make it past the supplementary income stage.

Article writing
Writing articles for websites is another great way to provide some supplementary income. It requires no real special skills as long as you are capable with grammar and spelling. If you have a computer and an Internet connection there is no extra outlay required and you can begin working right away.

Of course, the easy entry into this market means that it is very saturated and it can be hard to find good reliable work. It is still possible to get started in this market by yourself. However, many people choose to join an agency that sends articles from time to time simply because it is more reliable.

You don’t necessarily need to leave your old job when you become a mother. There are many government incentives to help mothers get back into the workforce and one option is telecommuting (working from home). Not all jobs are suitable for this type of work, but it never hurts to ask.

Research has shown that those who telecommute are no less productive than other types of workers. This type of work will allow you to care for your little one at home while still bringing in your regular income. It also allows you to stay current in the industry and gives you the change to continue with your chosen career.

Call centre
Working in a call centre might not sound like much fun, but this type of work is very flexible for new mothers. In fact, most call centres allow you to work from home for a considerable amount of time.

You will need a reliable telephone line (in some cases a separate line to your home phone line) and set periods of availability. This work provides a very good salary and just might be flexible enough for those with a newborn.

More mothers are choosing to stay home with their infant children. Despite the paid parental leave scheme in Australia, this can still put considerable financial strain on the family. This is why it is important to try and find a reliable method of bringing in a little extra income while you are caring for your young one/s.

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